Donut Boy

The Dough-Nutter 4000 has malfunctioned! It's up to you, Donut Boy, to rescue the
employees and donuts that were scattered around town from the resulting explosion.

This game saves your progress every time a level is completed, or when you pick up a new weapon / character.

In Game Controls

Left/Right - Move left & right
Up - Jump / Double Jump
Down - Crouch / Fast-Fall
Z - Shoot
X - Cycle through collected weapons
C - Cycle through rescued characters
Enter/Esc - Pause Game

Menu Controls

Arrow Keys - Move
Enter - Select

How To Play

  • Rescue the character shown at the beginning of each level.
  • Defeat enemies by shooting or jumping on them.
  • Each level has several secret characters you can optionally rescue (if you can find them).
  • You can play as any character that you've rescued. Change characters with "C" or in the pause menu.
  • Collecting donuts is not necessary to complete a level, but collecting all of the donuts in a level will increase your max health by 1.
  • Check if you've missed anything for each level on the Level Select screen.
  • Please don't use Internet Explorer - there are issues with audio playback.


Donut Boy was made in JavaScript using the Phaser Framework (v2.4.6). All music was made in Logic Pro X. All pixel art was created in Photoshop. 

This is the first video game that I have ever tried to make, and started as an experiment for me to learn how to make a game. I hope you enjoy it :)


This game is taking a long time to load.

Make sure to click inside the game screen and please be patient. Thank you for understanding.

This game is laggy.

Try not having too many other programs or tabs running in the background while you play. If that doesn't help, you might need to play on a better computer. Thank you for understanding.

Is the soundtrack available?

Yes, you can listen to the soundtrack in a few different places:

You can purchase the album on bandcamp for $3.

I would love to support you with money.

Cool! You can click the "Support this Game" button at the top of this page to do that, or purchase the soundtrack on the bandcamp link above.

I would love to support you in... other ways ;)

Thanks, I also accept Nintendo eShop credits and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

Wait... Why would Donut Boy want to collect the donuts? Aren't they too dirty to sell anymore?

Run a couple Swiffer® WetJets™ over those bad boys and consumers won't notice.

That red hat looks like another popular red hat.

Good eye! It's an reference to Bart's Lucky Red Hat from the popular adult cartoon series The Simpsons.


Damon Bolesta ( — Design, Programming, Music, and Artwork.

Fonts Used: 04BGeoVT323Russo One

A small number of sound effects were generated using cfxr, but most sound effects were obtained from I am very grateful to that site and its users for providing a large amount of sounds to dig through. Full SFX credits are as follows:

Unimpressed Yay

Bubble popping

Super Launch 600

Zombie Noises

Grave Trap Activated

Locked Gate

Gate Opening

Switch Character Static


Fake Wall Destroy

Falling Spike

Switch On/Off

Switch Break




Toaster Launch

Pearl Bounce

Pearl Break

Cinnamon Roll Bounce / Baker Slap

Toaster Death / Door Crush

Roll Surprise

Metal Crate Death

Big Roll

Spider Damage / Death


Rat Damage / Death

Button Press

Crab / Clam Damage / Death

Seagull Damage / Death

Fish Damage / Death

Bat Damage Death

Trap Gate Close

Auto Door


Enter Water

Toxic Swamp

Donut Factory / Fish Alarm

Elevator End / Roll End

Switch Weapon

Weapon Pickup

Chain Lifts

Fish Drain

Door Open / Close

Platform Destroy

Baker Deflect

Dust Ball Poof

Dust Ball Damage / Death

Fat Man Shoot / Damage / Death

Baker Damage Death

Checkpoint Bell

Bakery Change Song

Beach Ball Bounce



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Fun game, seems simple but the push-box-killl-enemy and activate-triggers-with-weapons adds a little more interaction than I first thaught. Well done.

Thanks, I'm glad you found some fun interaction despite its simple appearance :)