Made for HeartJam 2018 over the course of 72 hours.

Minor Post-Game Jam Updates (04/09/18)

  • Support for mobile / touch screens added (not recommended for iPhone 6 (and Android equivalent) and below).
  • Viewport height increased.
  • Air depletes faster now.


Move: Left and Right
Jump: Up
Pick Flower: Hold Down
Throw Bomb: Z
Place Bomb: Down + Z
Kick Bomb: Z (while touching bomb)
Detonate Bomb: Z

How to Play

  • Make it to the bottom before your air supply runs out
  • Your air supply is constantly depleting over time
  • Picking flowers will refill your air a bit
  • The world is completely destructible - use bombs to destroy blocks to reach flowers and make progress
  • Using bombs & getting hit by an explosion will deplete your air a bit 


These are the last remaining flowers of a once lush planet. Try and rescue them as they supply you with the air you'll need to survive the toxic environment they're hiding in. 


Damon Bolesta ( Design, Programming, Art, Music

Final Flowers was made in JavaScript using the Phaser Framework (v2.6.2). Music was made in Logic Pro X. Pixel art was created in Photoshop. 


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Yo this is awesome! This is the best game I've played so far for the Heart Jam! I love the grenade jumping mechanic that is my favorite part!


Wow thanks! There are some great HeartJam games, so that means a lot. And I'm glad you discovered the bomb jumping, it's a lot of fun isn't it?


Yeah man haha grenade jumping is probably my favorite game mechanic of all time, especially in team fortress classic.